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Top 10 places to live in Austin – 2019 Edition

Recently, many people have discovered that Austin is one of the best, dynamic growing cities in America. For this reason, research has been carried out regarding the best places to live upon visiting Austin. Below is a list of best places you can visit.


Allandale is a family-friendly neighborhood that has well reserved streets. The neighborhood has homes containing one or two bedrooms. The setting is urbanized with unique shops and an active neighborhood association.


Cherrywood is a residential neighborhood that hosts businesses, while keeping its residents entertained. Residents in Austin consider Cherrywood because of the quirk and whimsy, and a beautiful environment that covers a sizeable area. Cherrywood has plenty that happens hence makes everyone around happy and entertained, although it is far from the town.

East Austin

The areas of East Austin have gained popularity because of artists and bohemians who refer this place as a home. Infrastructure has improved greatly and architectural designs has made this place popular. Single family homes consider East Austin as a destination because they also consider such situations.

The Domain

The domain is an example of a modern planned and developed living in the city. It is among the most preferred living in Austin. The Domain was developed in 2007. The best advantage is that the Domain is situated among the flourishing hub of corporate offices. People refer it as a small independent city with a combination of European feel.

North Loop

North Loop is the next biggest residential area in Austin located between Mopac and I-35. It is a fun neighborhood that offers a heterogeneous mix of boutiques and funky bars with a longtime residential home that mix with new neighbors. Additionally, North Loop attracts new and judicious urban living in a unique neighborhood within Austin vibe.


The grubby charms of Cherrywood and East Austin, that has the modernized developed residents make Mueller the best place to stay. The scruffy setting is explained from the design of the of every amenity allocated at a walk distance. Mueller is a pedestrian friendly area with abundance of neighborhood which attracts new residents.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is a historical neighborhood there are strict planning rules that guarantee Hyde Park stands out as an evidence of the local history in generations to come. While in Austin, Hyde Park is easily accessible on a bicycle or by bus.

Old West Austin

West Austin is an old-fashioned yet historical neighborhood with moderate green spaces that creates a real connection. The downtown is very accessible to the shopping centers, dining, and entertainment sectors.

South Austin / South Lamar

If you want an ancient vibe of between the 80s and 90s then these places are the best destination to travel. There are shops and the night life of the 90s era. These two areas characters of a mixture of little ranch homes that are uniquely modernized.

Westlake Hills

Sometimes, all a person wants is a quiet getaway that is more conservative like Westlake Hills. Even with an increase of residents over years this neighborhood has maintained its style to attract people.

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